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Our current range of Phone Systems support basic voicemail either as an out of the box feature or with an additional card. However for a fully featured voicemail solution external voicemail units are required.
Panasonic TVM50/TVM200

  • DPT interface
  • CTI Integration
  • E-mail integration/LAN interface
  • LCD Prompts (on LCD of KXT7636/33)
  • Custom Menus for each extension
  • External Message Delivery
  • Holiday setting capability
  • Automatic fax transfer
  • Multilingual service
  • Live call screening
  • Two-way recording
  • Caller ID Intelligence
  • Remote access
panasonic tvm 50-200
Panasonic KX-NCV200

ACD Report Server/Voice Processing System with up to 24 Ports, 1000 Hours of Voice Storage and ACD Reporting

The KX-NCV200 is two systems in one, combining all the features and functionality of the Panasonic KX-TVA200 Voice Processing System with a comprehensive ACD reporting system. This dynamic combination takes call management to the next level. The Voice Processing System is a fully featured voicemail with email integration and auto attendant.

The ACD Reporting System provides monitoring and performance reports, call information reporting, history and agent log-in. The KX-NCV200 is an all-inclusive call management system that will help you improve customer service and reduce telecommunication costs.
Panasonic NCV200