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Auto Attendant

"If you know the extension number of the person you require, dial it now. Otherwise, please hold for the operator", words that have become part of our culture and that represent a way to get calls to people without having to wait for an operator and do so at a reasonable cost, 24 x 7.

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Call Queuing

When your staff are on other calls you can queue incoming calls with messages and music on hold.

You can add overflows to voice mail or other groups/external numbers at set times to prevent your customers getting frustrated.

Monitor in realtime number of calls queued with options to hurry up or log more staff members into the group when waiting times become too long.

Set automatic call back options. Give an incoming caller the ability to request a call back rather than waiting in the queue. When a staff member is free the system automatically calls back the incoming caller and connects them to a member of staff.