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Computer Telephony Integration - CTI

Most of the Panasonic and Elmeg range of phone systems support CTI.

By integrating your phone system with your computers you can work more efficiently.

Using your computer to control your phone means you can quickly see the status of other extensions, transfer calls and check voicemail. You can also save money by giving staff a more basic handset with CTI they get the same features as the more expensive multi line display handsets. If you have a VPN you can access these features from anywhere.

You can remove the need for handsets all together and use softphones - virtual phones on your computer (Panasonic Sofphone shown right). Ideal for home workers, mobile workers or hot desking.

Utilise the phone from other applications e.g dialling from Microsoft Outlook. Integrate with your own customer databases so you can track customer information from their CLI when they call you or when you call them.

Panasonic Softphone
CTI Picture

Most of the Panasonic and Elmeg range of phone systems support TAPI (Telephony Application Programming Interface) which allows third party software to control the phone system.

Tapi Compliant Software Example

pdf-download-icon-small Estos ProCall - Brochure (1.3 MB)

CTI Compatible Systems

Panasonic PBX - CTI Solution

Panasonic have a CTI software solution - Comms Assistant (CA). The basic version is free on TDE Systems. Click on the picture (right) to see a summary of the different CA versions.

pdf-download-icon-small Comms Assistant - Brochure (257 KB)