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Integrated Dect

The Panasonic integrated dect solution lets you carry on your conversation over lightweight, business-smart wireless DECT terminals (KX-TCA175 and KX-TCA275) while you are on the move. Users can set their DECT wireless handsets to have the same extension as their desk phone, and then receive calls even when away from their desk. Dect handsets can also be given there own extension number if required.

The Multi-Cell DECT System provides automatic hand-over between installed wireless cells - enhancing coverage and giving you true communication mobility even within large premises.

Whether you work in an office, a factory, a warehouse, a supermarket, or other large facility, the Multi-Cell DECT system keeps you in constant touch with colleagues and customers even when you are untethered and moving within the work environment. Enjoy the freedom to communicate - wirelessly with crystal clear voice quality. Receive your customers' calls – wherever you may be and make the most of every business opportunity that comes along.
Panasonic TCA275
Panasonic Integrated Dect Diagram
Not Just for Business

Integrated Dect is a great feature for large houses.

Make and receive calls anywhere in the building as well as accessing PBX features e.g voicemail or answering doorphone calls and opening doors/electric gates (see electric gate integration)

Extend dect signals outside for garden coverage.