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Electric Gate Integration

Most of our phone systems will support electric gates.

Open your gates from any telephone or mobile phone.

Install a doorphone at the gate and answer it on your telephone or mobile phone. Install multiple button doorphones when the gate is a shared access for several buildings.

For gates where it is impractical to cable they can be installed on a doorphone and GSM Gateway and still be integrated.

Install a coded access keypad and use your computer to control and monitor it.
electric gate

Phone systems with electric gate integration allow you to open electric gates from a mobile phone. With modern mobiles you can set the gate as a contact and open it quickly even via voice dial if your mobile supports it - open your gate handsfree!!

Periodically change the access PIN or number for extra security and use call logging to monitor who is dialling into your gate.
Our electric gate solutions can integrate with other third party hardware. For example home automation - AMX

For more information on installing AMX please contact Chris Brooks Audio

Example of AMX Integration

A doorphone button is pressed at your gate - not only do your telephones ring but your touch screen AMX gives you a video feed of the gate. Answer the call on your phone or open it from your touchscreen device.