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GSM Gateways

ISDN GSM Gateway and VOIP GSM Gateway products designed for connection to a business telephone system to enable the use of mobile phone SIM cards for least cost routing of calls to mobile phones. They are especially useful for managing costs when used in conjunction with mobile extension applications found on most modern PBX Phone Systems - Mobile Workers.

Fixed Cellular Terminals can also be used for remote office locations as a wireless landline and for GSM / GPRS / EDGE / 3G wireless internet access for PC's and as an SMS gateway for use with PC SMS Software. They can also act as VOIP gateway enabling VOIP on legacy phone systems simply by installing the gateway between the phone system and the lines. The gateway will automatically route an outbound call using the cheapest option.

GSM-VOIP Gateway Diagram
Gateways are compatible with PSTN and ISDN2e Lines making them compatible with almost all types of PBX