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ISDN 30e - PRI

Note ISDN service to be ceased in the UK by 2025

Can be replaced by
Hosted Telephone System
SIP Trunks

A single high-quality ISDN30/30e connection has between eight and thirty 64k channels. In normal operation you use these separately. This allows simultaneous calls over each channel.

You can add further connections to your installation, increasing the number of simultaneous calls and/or available data bandwidth.

A choice of delivery and diversion options helps to keep your business running in the event of a local technical failure.


With ISDN30/30e you have a choice of feature-rich digital switch/PBX equipment.

There is a wide range of digital devices, including telephones, fax machines and ISDN cards for computers.

Telephone numbers

You can have an unlimited number of DDI numbers, allowing customers and business contacts to dial directly through to staff members, without passing through a switchboard.


If ADSL is not yet available in your area, you can connect to the Internet at 64kbps using one ISDN channel, or at 128kbps using two channels together. Since each channel is a true 64k connection, you will find that even one channel performs significantly better than a 56k dialup connection. (For an analogue dialup modem, 56k denotes the maximum speed possible, not the average connection speed).


Alternate Routing

ISDN30/30e can be routed via separate cables from the serving exchange. There are two options:
separate cables, same ducting
separate cables, separate ducting.

Diverse Routing

The service is provided via two different cables from two different serving exchanges. In the very unlikely event of a cable failure and a problem at the exchange, the chance of a complete loss of service is reduced. Separate DDI groups are served by the two exchanges.

Current Range of PBXs Compatible with ISDN30e Lines
ISDN30e NTE Front
ISDN30e NTE Side View
ISDN30e NTE Inside View