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Large House/Estate

If you are considering a new phone system &/or data network, we can provide an all-inclusive service with obsessively fine attention to detail.

On time, on budget & encompassing the latest technology to provide future-proof systems are a passion with us.

We are used to working with other trades within the distributed AudioVisual & CCTV sectors as well which utilise the same backbone architecture as ourselves & by working together we can provide considerable cost savings & shorter supply times by sharing infrastructure & minimising duplication.
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We can incorporate door & gate entry systems with the phone system which allows answering & opening from any extension authorised to do so - even remotely off site. Guests, staff & suppliers or other visitor access can be controlled, monitored & recorded to a PC.

Where a household is living through the installation process, we can be as discrete & unobtrusive as you would like us to be. We can even work within preset hours/days so as to provide a minimum of intrusion into family life.

Our after-supply service is the best in the business & we can tailor this to your exact requirements.