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School Environment
Our focus here is towards small & medium sized educational establishments, although we also supply & maintain Payphones into Universities & Colleges.

Good communications are at the heart of a successful school and with government pressure on schools to adopt next generation high speed networks, it is important to find a communications partner that can offer honest, straight-forward advice on how your school can benefit from the latest in communications.
Meeting the needs of Primary and Secondary Schools

Enhanced Communication

Our recommended solutions for schools are focused on improving student outcomes and transforming the way people teach and learn with:
• Access to tools and resources such as IP conferencing and collaboration applications that facilitate
interaction and communication among teachers and administrators
• Messaging applications that improve parent/teacher interaction
• Emergency notification systems that put student and school safety first
• Distance learning and mobility solutions that enhance educational outcomes for students.
• Communications solutions that are easy to adopt, integrate, manage and utilise
• A clear return on investment from technology tailored to enhancing education administrative efficiencies,
productivity and hard capital cost savings

Whilst we still install new phone systems to legacy cabling, it has become increasingly the norm to utilise the extensive data cabling networks that now exist in nearly all schools. Here, real advantage can be made of the infrastructure to use IP telephones without impacting on the data throughput from computers & other devices. And should a class or teacher change location, the phone can move with them without having to make any physical or programming changes. Just disconnect from the wall socket, move & reconnect. This is possible because the phone holds it's identity, just like a PC or a printer.

Features Include

PBX Security

The UK telecom industry is reporting a growing trend of PBX hacking (phreaking) allowing organised crime to dial in and out of phone systems - they then sell this access on in the form of cheap calling cards. Hackers target PBXs out of working hours when they know no-one is there to monitor line usage. Schools and other educational establishments are particularly susceptible due to the long holidays.

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