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Unified Communications

Unified Communications can be defined as “Communications integrated to optimise business processes”. Unified Communication is not a single product; but a solution made up of a variety of components and elements, including: messaging (email, instant messaging, voice, video), phone calls, conferencing, rich presence (online and telephony), device awareness and status, and information sharing, all tied together with a common user interface.

In today’s fast pace business world, businesses need to be more nimble and provide better customer service - quickly and cost effectively. More and more businesses are moving away from the traditional desktop working environment, as more employees go mobile - working on the move, from home, moving between various offices/branches or travelling anywhere around the globe. In such dynamic work environments it is essential that businesses can effectively communicate internally or with customers anytime, anywhere
Unified Communication Example
Why use Unified Communications?
There are numerous benefits to be gained from integrating UC with existing business processes and applications, such as:

• Streamline Communications:
Get in contact with colleagues who have the specific skills/knowledge to help reduce or eliminate human latency.

• Increase Productivity:
Leverage Rich Presence, Unified Messaging, PC based Point-n-click operation, Voice-over-IP, and many more to perform more functions than is possible with just desktop phones.

• Team Management:
Quickly view team member's communication activities and access reports.

• Mobility:
Leverage DECT, Wi-Fi and IP to provide anytime, anywhere access to business communications giving users the ability to roam near desks, within the office building or outside the office.

• Enhance Customer Service:
Integration with common office desktop applications - e.g. Microsoft Outlook, Exchange, LDAP, as well as integration with tools such as Doorphone, IP Camera and Web – provide the necessary tools to enhance customer service.

• Integrate with other IP Solutions:
As telecom and data merge onto one platform your phone system can take advantage of other IP equipment for example Panasonic IP CCTV solutions. Get live camera feeds either on your touchscreen panasonic IP phone, PC or smartphone. Great for doorphone and electric gate access - see who you are granting access to or monitor different areas of your site.