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Hosted Telephony - Put your PBX in the Cloud

Hosted telephony is a 21st century telecom solution with crystal clear call quality and no need to change your phone numbers.
Reduce equipment costs and increase flexibility by using a hosted telephony solution from Maintel UK Ltd. With our hosted solution your PBX is stored on the Internet so any IP phone can become an extension on it anywhere in the world with a suitable connection to the internet.

Advantages over a Traditional PBX

  • Reduce capital outlay
  • Reduce upgrade costs
  • Reduce line rentals and reduce call costs - free calls between your own users
  • Users can control their own settings and features from their web browser
VOIP - Route Calls Over the Internet

Save money on calls and line rental by routing your call traffic over the Internet. Link branch offices together and empower home/mobile workers

SIP Trunks replace the more traditional lines on your PBX (PSTN, ISDN2e and ISDN30e). SIP Trunks when used with the correct broadband package deliver business quality calls and significantly reduce line rental.

The bulk of the calls in the UK are routed via IP regardless of whether your line is PSTN, ISDN2e or ISDN30e as the backbone of the UK telecom network is Fibre Optic. So even if your business not using an IP PBX or SIP trunks your calls are already being via VOIP.
hosted telephony
  • Enable mobile and home workers - users are an extension off the system regardless of their location
  • Detailed online billing by site, cost centre or user
  • Quickly and cheaply expand your system - additional sites, more users, remote workers
  • Softphones (software on a PC rather than using a handset) enable remote workers make and receive calls just like any other extension on the system
  • Greater resilience compared to traditional PBXs
  • Advanced features like call recording and Unified Messaging

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