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Credit Card Integration

For over two decades Maintel UK Ltd have been integrating Credit Card Machines (PDQs) with phone systems.

Using ISDN2e or ISDN 30e lines PDQs can be given their own phone number for polling and testing with direct line access (no 9 prefix required). PDQ extensions can be restricted to just dialling the server number to prevent abuse leading to high phone bills.

Multiple lines connected to the phone system mean if one line goes faulty your PDQ machines won't stop working.

Our solutions help to consolidate your lines, build in redundancy and reduce a site's overheads.
Credit Card Terminal

Till Integration

Many popular till systems support Electronic Fund Transfers (EFT) which allows quick and efficient credit card transactions.

EFT transactions can be carried out via ADSL Lines or ISDN2e lines. PSTN lines are often used as a fall back. Phone systems can work alongside these EFT solutions on ISDN2e lines or provide ISDN2e extensions with access to multiple ISDN2e lines or ISDN30e.

The Elmeg range of systems have built in routers which on ISDN2e/ISDN 30e lines can be used as fall back should a site's ADSL line fail.

Our solutions help to consolidate your lines build in redundancy and reduce a site's overheads.