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Multiple Site Management

By taking out a maintenance contract with Maintel UK Ltd you get access to more than just telecom support. Our core business is large corporate groups with retail outlets all over the UK. We know how challenging it can be to manage and support remote sites.

We can help in may ways:

With our custom made databases we log every fault raised for every site and cross reference those faults with orders, engineer worksheets and invoices. Open faults are not logged off until we have confirmed the fault has cleared with the site or it has been handed over to another maintainer e.g external line provider or equipment maintainer. Thanks to this system there is no need for you to have a help desk at your head office we can field and deal with all your sites telecom allowing you to concentrate on your business.

We can mange your telecom costs at your remote sites with the use of spending limits and internal system barring. We can liaise with the site manager to help him or her prevent staff making unauthorised phone calls and at the same time help them to use their telecoms more efficiently.

You get access to our project team which will help with any refurbishment, installations and relocations. Setting up temporary comms for the site whilst it is closed. All our engineers are CSCS accredited (Construction Skills Certification Scheme) and are used to working alongside other trades.

Should your business expand and you purchase sites with existing telecom equipment we will support it for you.

We can provide an upgrade path for your sites and highlight any that have poor quality or unreliable equipment. Once again thanks to the unique way we track faults are recommendations can be backed up with fault logs.

Any equipment supplied by us is logged allowing us to honour any warranty claims even if the site have lost track of who supplied the equipment.

A VOIP hosted telephony solution (cloud computing meet cloud telecoms) is ideal for remote sites. It helps to reduce equipment costs and offers greater flexibility for managers and users.